Hydro2050’s advanced water treatment process cleans, sanitises and oxygenates water without use of chemicals

and leaves no harmful ecological footprint.



Advanced Oxidation Process

Hydro2050 creates Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which are the most oxidative molecule that can be safely used to destroy organic and oxidizable non-organic pollutants in water.

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Ultrafine Bubbles

This class leading Ultrafine Bubble Generator produces a consistent stream of ultrafine bubbles (nanobubbles 1 micron in diameter) which is key to delivering high efficacy of disinfection and oxidation.

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Hassle Free Service

Hydro is supplied as a full-service lease package by experienced water specialists.

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Mobile Water Treatment

Hydro will be available as a short-term mobile service to remediate water bodies.

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Range of Equipment

Hydro is a fully self-contained system for water sanitation, water oxygenation and separation of suspended solids; available in different volume throughputs; fixed or mobile systems.

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Aquaculture and food production

Clean, healthy, oxygenated water is highly beneficial for plant, animal and fish growth leading to improved productivity and lower input costs supporting organic and sustainable practices. Biofilm from pipes is removed and dissolved oxygen in water is increased. Hydro is highly effective in cleaning wastewater used in agricultural/food production for reuse, conserving water demands.

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Dams, Lakes and Ponds

Hydro can turnaround the health of dams, lakes and ponds by killing algae and other pathogens, oxygenating the water, improving the turbidity and overall aquatic health of the water, with a chemical free water treatment and leaving no ecological footprint. Highly effective in pond algae treatment.  

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Wastewater Treatment

Hydro’s advanced oxidation process creating Hydroxyl Radicals has significant benefits for wastewater treatment for destroying organic pathogens and contaminants without use of chemicals. Hydro technology is significantly more energy efficient than current wastewater technologies and with high oxygenation complements biological treatments.

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Drinking water

Hydro can be deployed in remote environments (fixed or mobile) with or without access to power to provide disinfection of drinking water for clean, healthy drinking water. This can be supplied in conjunction with other technologies to meet regulatory requirements.  

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Jubilee (Municipal) Lake with dense algal bloom

95% of algae removed after 48 hours of treatment; DO before treatment 4ppm – after treatment 28.5ppm

Addressing Global Water Stress: The Hydro2050 Solution in Agriculture  

Hydro2050 emerges as a beacon of innovation. By introducing a unique water treatment process that cleans, sanitises, and oxygenates water without the use of chemicals, Hydro2050 presents an avenue not just for sustainable farming but also for combating global water stress.  

Benefits of O3 and O2 in Soil

The effect of lifting DO and Ozone and Hydroxyl radicals on soil health through irrigation.

Benefits of ozone and oxygen at 22 ppm in water for horticulture production

Ozone and oxygen at 22 ppm (parts per million) can offer several benefits for horticulture production in water. Here are some of the potential benefits.

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  • Is it Safe?
  • What is the maximum Dissolved Oxygen (DO) that Hydro2050 can deliver?
  • How long does Dissolved Oxygen remain in water?
  • Why don’t ultra-fine bubbles float?
Is it Safe?

Hydroxyl Radicals are non-toxic to people, animals and plants. They attack single cell organisms through a process called cell lysing which occurs when a hydroxyl electric charge comes in contact and ruptures the single cell organisms cell membrane, killing it.

What is the maximum Dissolved Oxygen (DO) that Hydro2050 can deliver?

Hydro can deliver over 50ppm of DO in water. The DO level is impacted by different variables including temperature and water quality and the DO can be monitored to achieve the desired DO level depending on the application.

How long does Dissolved Oxygen remain in water?

Ultrafine bubbles can remain in the water for weeks and months depending on the cleanliness of the water and its use. The speed at which the oxygen is consumed in the water such as biologically active water or other high demands (e.g. feeding fish) will consume the oxygen faster.

Why don’t ultra-fine bubbles float?

They are tiny, 95% less than 5-micron diameter, and carry a strong negative electron charge, so instead of floating like larger bubbles, they remain suspended and disperse through the water, a phenomenon known as Brownian motion.


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