The patent and patent pending Ultrafine Bubble Generator produces trillions of ultrafine or nano bubbles providing the delivery mechanism for oxygen and ozone (to form Hydroxyl Radicals) to be most efficiently delivered into the water to be treated.

This class leading Ultrafine Bubble Generator produces a consistent stream of ultrafine bubbles (nanobubbles 1 micron in diameter) which is key to delivering high efficacy of disinfection and oxidation.

Hydro ultrafine bubbles have unique characteristics:

  • They don’t float to the surface and remain suspended in the water column.
  • They are negatively charged and disperse throughout the water column.
  • They bond and coagulate with particles in the water which are generally positively charged and float to the surface.


Use and Applications

Water Treatment Efficacy: By delivering trillions of ultrafine bubbles throughout the water column which are not lost to the atmosphere, provides a highly efficient gas transfer process to treat water. Different gas combinations can be delivered to deliver different results.

Oxygen: Highly efficient and effective method of increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) in water for specific uses such as aquaculture and horticulture or aerobic digestion in wastewater treatment. Hydro2050 can deliver over 50ppm of DO in water or deliver to specific DO requirements.

Ozone/Hydroxyl Radicals: Highly efficient and effective method of decontaminating and disinfecting water and wastewater and increasing dissolved oxygen. The combined effect of ultrafine bubbles and hydroxyl radicals removes biofilm in pipes that can harbour pathogens and lead to blockages.

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