Case study

3 Month Sewage Plant comparison DAF vs. Naias

Energy Savings: 54.5% lower than DAF; SS 31% lower than DAF; Nitrogen 1.8% lower than DAF; Potassium 30.7% lower than DAF

Gimcheon City Sewage Plant, S.Korea (2014)

Testing was conducted at the sewage plant to determine performance of DAF vs. Naias technology over 3 months.

Energy Consumption

DAF: Water Pump; Air Compressor; Pressure Tank; Diffusers (12 components) – installed 2013

Bubble Size: <10 µm

Total Electricity Power: 11Hp

Naias: Air/Water Mix pump (1 component)

Total Electricity Power: 5Hp

Bubble Size: <5 µm

Summary of results over 3 months of testing

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