Case study

Lexington Country Club Dense Microcystis Algae Bloom

Visual elimination of algal bloom over 4 days with DO before treatment 3.2ppm; after treatment 12ppm

Lexington Country Club, Florida (2018)

Problem: Dense Microcystis Algae bloom throughout the water column (Cyanobacteria & Phyotplankton) that typically thrive in warm, turbid and slow-moving waters high in nitrogen or phosphorous (eutrophic waters). Microcystis blooms produce toxins that are harmful to humans and animal life.

Operating over 4 days the Cyanobacteria/Microcystis was broken down and destroyed resulting in healthy, clean oxygenated water.

Dissolved Oxygen: Before Treatment 3.2ppm;  After Treatment 12ppm

Nostoc Algae were killed and water clarity improved. Although only 1 part of the 34 acre interconnected lake system was treated to demonstrate the efficacy of the Naias system, it was observed that Algae was killed throughout the broader lake as micro bubbles disperse through the water body.

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