Case study

Prawn Yield Increased by 60% and 25% Reduced Mortality Rate

Increase in growth rate from 6.5g to 10.4g and mortality reduced from 24% to 9%.

Through the utilisation of an on-board oxygen generator, pure oxygen is introduced into trillions of exceptionally small bubbles dispersed within the water column, ensuring minimal loss to the atmosphere. This technique effectively regulates and sustains dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in ponds or tanks, tailoring them to the specific requirements of various species and feeding schedules.

Furthermore, by infusing these ultrafine bubbles with Ozone, the water in the pond or tank can be purified, eradicating pathogens, and decreasing nitrates.

The Hydro system provides aquaculture businesses with the ability to manage DO levels in the water using sensors, and it offers the flexibility to administer Ozone treatment based on their specific needs.

Illustrating its application, a Prawn/Shrimp Farm in South Korea implemented this approach with the goal of achieving dissolved oxygen levels above 4ppm and not surpassing 15ppm within a 2,400m3 pond. The introduction of the oxygenation system, coupled with DO monitoring, yielded notable outcomes:

  • The weight of the prawns increased from 6.5g (in the control group) to 10.4g (with enhanced DO levels), reflecting a significant improvement of 60% in weight.
  • Mortality rates experienced a substantial decrease from 24% (in the control group) to 9% (with increased DO levels), signifying a noteworthy 25% reduction in mortality.

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