Case study

Removal of Dense Microcystis Algae Bloom

Visual elimination of algal bloom over 4 days with DO before treatment 3.2ppm; after treatment 12ppm

Problem: Dense Microcystis Algae bloom throughout the water column (Cyanobacteria & Phyotplankton) that typically thrive in warm, turbid and slow-moving waters high in nitrogen or phosphorous (eutrophic waters). Microcystis blooms produce toxins that are harmful to humans and animal life.

Operating over 4 days the Cyanobacteria/Microcystis ultrafine nanobubbles were used to break down and destroy algae resulting in healthy, clean oxygenated water.

Dissolved Oxygen: Before Treatment 3.2ppm;  After Treatment 12ppm

Nostoc Algae were killed and water clarity improved.

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