Hydro increases dissolved oxygen level to 21 – 23 ppm (optimum level for growing produce) increasing microbe activity in soil to increase nutrient availability for the plant. Dissolved oxygen remains in water for over 48hrs.

Hydro purifies irrigation water eradicating pathogens and viruses and removes pollutants and contaminants (nanobubble buoyancy).

Hydro protects plants with oxygenated water when sprayed, removing spores/fungi and ammonia that causes disease and increases plant resilience.

Hydro removes biofilm in pipes without chemical additives.

Due to the oxygenation, the water is always kept “fresh” and eliminates biofilm reforming.

Demonstrated benefits when irrigating with Hydro:

  • Crop production/yield increase
  • Decrease time to harvest
  • Reduced operational cost – energy, fertilizer usage, cleaning, plant losses
  • Longer shelf life
  • Water conservation/reuse
  • Soil rehabilitation and activating the soil to increase nutrient availability

Hydro2050 ultrafine bubbles (95% of less than 5 micron) with oxygen injected into the bubbles provides a very high oxygen transfer rate to the pond/tank water. Hydro has significantly higher DO efficacy than current aerator technology and its class leading nanobubble technology (patented cavitation process) delivers the highest volume/small size bubbles. Oxygen remains in the water until it’s consumed as ultrafine bubbles remain and disperse in the water column. Due to the efficacy of the Hydro2050 system, it is also more energy efficient than current aerator technology.

Injecting oxygen or ozone into the water cleans the water and lifts the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) which is a measurement of the health of the water to naturally break down waste products. Injecting with ozone creates Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which are the most oxidative molecule that can be safely used to destroy organic and oxidizable non-organic pollutants in water including nitrates and ammonia.

The desired DO and ORP can be maintained in the pond/tank with sensors linked to the Hydro2050 system and remotely controlled.

The benefits of this are healthy fish, reduced fish kill and risk, bigger and faster growth, without chemical addition. 

Fish/shellfish cleaning with Hydro produced water is safe, extends shelf life as it kills bacteria, and eliminates chemical use.

Hydro water remediation technology benefits dairies in 2 ways with improved water quality for improved milk production and more efficient dairy wastewater management.

Hydro disinfects the water killing pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and algae and removes ammonia without chemical addition. By reducing bacteria in the water, cows will be healthier, and the water will taste better resulting in better milk production. Metals in drinking water can be oxidised out of solution and filtered out, improving taste of the water.

Oxygenated water improves gut health and digestion improving the health of the animal. Experience in the US has seen both reduction of feed and shorter turnaround times of animals because of improved gut health as well as lower odour from piggeries.

Dairy wastewater has high levels of BOD, COD, SS and other contaminants including bacteria, pathogens, Nitrogen and Phosphates that are costly and complex to treat in traditional wastewater treatment plants.

Hydro advanced oxidation process is the strongest oxidant for the remediation of organic contaminants in wastewater and lifts the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water which is a measure of the water’s ability to cleanse itself/to break down waste products and contaminants.

Hydro can be easily installed in the production process to assist with wastewater treatment and reuse.

Separation of suspended solids from water: Most particles are positively charged and Hydro micro bubbles are negatively charged to capture pollutants. Hydro micro bubbles create buoyancy to be skimmed from the surface.

Disinfection and Oxidation of suspended metals: Hydro creates Hydroxyl Radicals that kills single cell organisms (bacteria, viruses, spores/fungi) and lifts Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) to 800+ Mv. Hydro oxidizes soluble metals (rust) to be filtered out of the water.

Aerobic Digestion: High concentration of dissolved oxygen delivered through Hydro nanobubbles support micro-organisms to digest organic/pollutants.

The Hydro technology has been installed in multiple agricultural wastewater treatment plants for treatment, recycling, odor removal, aerobic digestion.

Hydro adds value by producing clean, healthy oxygenated water for animal consumption and destroys organic compounds, produces clarified water, and removes pollutants in animal wastewater, allowing water to be recycled and reused.

Oxygenated water improves gut health and digestion improving the health of the animal. Experience in the US has seen both reduction of feed and shorter turnaround times of animals because of improved gut health as well as lower odour from piggeries.

Hydro can treat animal wastewater ponds, killing organic compounds without chemicals and clarifying the water for reuse.

Hydro allows water reuse for washdown areas and irrigating grazing land.

Post-harvest food cleaning whether for human or animal consumption is essential for Food Safety.

Present process requires pre-rinsing to remove loose dirt; cleaning with detergents; post-rinsing with clean water and disinfecting/sanitizing with chemical agents. This can compromise crop quality, is water intensive and has occupational health risks.

Hydro ultra fine bubbles remove loose dirt (no detergent and post-rinsing required) and is safe and conserves water. Oxygen and Hydroxyl Radicals provides 100% natural disinfection and maintains quality.

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