From Drought to Abundance: Hydro2050’s Blueprint for Horticultural Success  

In recent times, the arid landscapes of Australia have raised concerns among farmers and horticulturists alike. Growing quality crops in such conditions demands innovation, and in this challenging climate, sustainable agricultural practices have evolved from a luxury to an imperative.   Hydro2050 has emerged as a beacon of hope in the face of drought, offering transformative water solutions that can turn water scarcity challenges into tangible growth and success. Discover how our advanced and innovative technologies here at Hydro2050 present a roadmap to survive and thrive in one of the world’s driest continents.

Addressing Global Water Stress: The Hydro2050 Solution in Agriculture  

Hydro2050 emerges as a beacon of innovation. By introducing a unique water treatment process that cleans, sanitises, and oxygenates water without the use of chemicals, Hydro2050 presents an avenue not just for sustainable farming but also for combating global water stress.  

Beyond Clean Water: The Economic Advantage of Hydro2050 in Aquaculture

As consumer demand for Australian seafood swells, the spotlight shines on our aquaculture sector, brimming with innovation.

Benefits of ozone and oxygen at 22 ppm in water for horticulture production

Ozone and oxygen at 22 ppm (parts per million) can offer several benefits for horticulture production in water. Here are some of the potential benefits.

The benefits of O2 and O3 on the production of Kiwi Fruit.

The effect of lifting DO level for the production of Kiwi Fruit through irrigation.

Benefits of O3 and O2 in Soil

The effect of lifting DO and Ozone and Hydroxyl radicals on soil health through irrigation.

Yield Increase of 25% – 64% with DO level 20 – 22 ppm

Yield Increase of 25% - 64% with DO level 20 – 22 ppm

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